Life is Strange 2 3

Life is Strange  2 3
Author : Emma Vieceli
Publisher : Titan Comics
Total Pages : 34
Release : 2020-12-16
ISBN 10 : 9781787735460
ISBN 13 : 178773546X
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

With Max’s help, Tristan was able to use his powers to phase through the Transect and find Chloe in the original timeline. However, he was exhausted and struggled to use his powers again. Chloe, full of renewed hope, told him not to be so hard on himself. In a rare moment of privacy, Rachel confronted Max about her relationship with her Chloe, which Max had kept secret. Rachel apologized to Max for feeling like she had to hide it, and that Max made her and Chloe better people. In the new timeline, Chloe, Max, and Rachel arrived at Tombstone – a Western re-enactment town in El Paso – dressed as Captain Bluebeard and her crew. The trio were unaware that – in the other timeline – Chloe, Tristan and the High Seas had also arrived in Tombstone. However, rather than dress up in their own pirate outfits, they rented cowboy costumes instead. As Chloe admired herself in the costume-shop mirror, she was taken by surprise when her reflection became a window into the alternate timeline! Chloe ran into Victoria, who was playing the role of Ophelia in her timeline’s production of Hamlet. The two caught up over a coffee and Victoria seemed to have left her Queen Bee and Blackwell Academy days behind her. Meanwhile, across the timelines, a water gun fight broke out in the streets of Tombstone and it was everyone for themselves! As Max lived a brand-new pirate adventure, she felt closer to Chloe, and to her home, than ever.

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