Reengineering Yourself

Reengineering Yourself
Author : Daniel L. Araoz
Publisher : Wellness Institute, Inc.
Total Pages : 260
Release : 2004
ISBN 10 : 1587411245
ISBN 13 : 9781587411243
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Many very intelligent people, including managers at all levels are a failure. Why? Their I. Q. is high but their emotional intelligence is low. Reengineering yourself teaches you how to become more productive and happier in the process. How? By practicing different mind exercises 7you raise your awareness ceiling so you are aware of your reactions, 7you become more effective in your thinking and in your communication, you develop your hidden creativity destroying negativism from the past,7you use your talents and time more effectively to make your work better and easier,7you acquire the habit of excellence in your thinking and actions..What Reengineering Yourself presents to you was tested by Araoz and Sutton in their many years of leader formation in the corporate world, in the church and in the U. S. army. The authors have reached thousands of people who believe their lives have changed for the better thanks to the methods of Reengineering Yourself. The approach is eclectic, drawing from diverse sources of proven success in the fields of management training, psychology, sociology, learning theory and philosophy. Therefore this is not a book for you to read once and put back on the shelf. Rather it is ?a blueprint for personal success? that you?ll use as a manual to which you return frequently. Also the ?practices? found throughout its pages are meant to create in you new habits of excellence and power thoughts.Any intelligent person realizes that there is room for improvement in our lives, both professional and personal. Reengineering Yourself is another tool for self-enrichment and improved productivity. The wise person tries and applies a new method that has been successful for manyothers.

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